Bun-in-the-Oven Baby Shower

It’s time for you to plan the perfect baby shower to celebrate your happy pregnancy. A bun-in-the-oven baby shower theme is a creative way to plan a gender-neutral baby shower or to keep the gender of your baby a secret. Or just go right ahead and celebrate the little girl or boy bun that’s in the oven with traditional colors. Whichever you choose, you and your guests are sure to have fun celebrating your bundle of joy.


Have a Bun-In-The-Oven Barbeque

Keep things hassle free by opting for a backyard bun-in-the-oven barbecue. Celebrate the wonderful new season in your life with a get-together in seasonal spring renewal, warm summer sunshine or sweet autumn breezes. Create a stunning lunchtime event or evening soiree. Opt for mason glasses for a rustic, old world glam or choose colored stemware to add a pop of color to your baby shower.

Have a sweets table to capitalize on the bun-in-the-oven theme. Include cinnamon buns, of course, whether homemade or bakery bought. Place some mini pecan rolls on a skewer, place bowls of colorful candies around the table and add some frosted cupcakes. Serve your hamburgers and hotdogs in deliciously soft buns and complement the fare with finger sandwiches, potato salad, cut fruits and berries, and any of your favorites. Depending on the season have cool lemonade or toasty hot chocolate.

Start the Party Off Right with Bun-derful Invitations

Match your invitations to your bun-in-the-oven baby shower theme to create a consistent style and beautiful aesthetic. A classic bun-in-the-oven baby shower invitation features a picture of an oven, either retro or modern, it’s up to you. Phrases to set the tone include, "Now that there’s a sweet bun in the oven, let’s celebrate with a baby shower," and "There’s a bun in the oven and burgers on the grill."

Add Some Bun-in-the-Oven Decorations

Spruce up your baby shower with decorations and set the tone for the day. Use burlap and gingham ribbon to adorn tablecloths, wrap tableware and hold loose items to stay organized even if your event gets busy. Celebrate the gender of your child with traditional blues and pinks or opt for rustic style with brown and neutral tones. Reflect the season of your child’s birth with springtime inspired florals, sun-drenched summer vibes, winter whites or autumn golds.

Make bun-in-the-oven baby shower decorations by stringing letters to make a garland that says, "Kara and Tom Have a Bun in the Oven," and hang it on the wall or across the patio. Place a child-size toy oven on the sweets table, open the door and let treats cascade out of it. The oven can be one of baby’s first gifts to be waiting for the little toddler. Use light brown felt rolled together to make cinnamon buns, then add dark brown yarn between the folds for the cinnamon and glaze on top with white yarn. Keep it all together with hot glue and place the buns around the room or as centerpieces on the tables.

Gifts That Keep on Giving

Get everyone involved in the fun with bun-in-the-oven baby shower favors that your friends and family will love to take home. Add a flair of nature with flowers and plants that mimic the changing seasons in your life. Choose an herb pot to offer as a party favor that will usher in new seasons and remind your loved ones of your beautiful bun-in-the-oven baby shower decorations. Choose succulents to represent longevity and endurance through the ages or opt for simple innocence with sweet fragrances such as lavender and hydrangea.

On the tastier side, place a giant homemade cinnamon bun in a box with a ribbon for each guest to feast on at home, or buy everyone a box of bon-bons. Find a template online to make a miniature paper oven and sneak some candy or a cupcake inside for a happy surprise. Put some of the fixings for making homemade buns in a mason jar and add a recipe card tied around the top.

Celebrate Your Bun-in-the-Oven with Fun Games

Create an afternoon or evening that everyone will remember with fun games and entertainment. To keep the bun baking theme going, give each guest an oven timer to try to guess how long it will take the guest of honor to open each present. Once she begins, the guests set their timers and whoever gets the closest time once the gift is open is the winner. At the end of the shower, the guests get to take home their timers as parting gifts.

You can also put a twist on a traditional favorite by playing Bun-go. Ahead of time, create cards – or find quick and easy templates online – and write down words or phrases typically heard at a baby shower. Cute, baby, diapers, bottle, toy, burp and even bun are all possibilities. Hand these cards out once all the guests have arrived and are gathered together. The first one to reach Bun-go is the winner.