Yoda™ Thank You Bags

Tools and Materials:

  • Yoda™ Party Favor Tags
  • 8 white paper lunch bags
  • Party favors of your choice
  • Eight 5 mm bracelet-size glow sticks
  • Standard hole punch
  • 2 yd. baker's twine or string

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Download and print our Yoda™ Party Favor Tags
  2. Cut out tags and punch a hole at the top of each tag with your paper punch
  3. Fill each lunch bag with treats
  4. Fold top of bag over about 3/4" then fold again
  5. Create a hole with paper punch where the indicated whole is (near Yoda's™ hands)
  6. Attach tag, looping string through bag and tie in front
  7. Slide glow stick into Yoda's™ hands

Tip: When it comes to filling the bags, think beyond candy. For example, coloring pages and crayons will keep the fun going long after the party is over.