Yarn Ball Robot Centerpiece

by Hostess with the Mostess

An adorable DIY robot head makes the perfect centerpiece for this baby shower. This fun craft project looks great directly on the table or atop a tiered food tower. Balls of yarn in your party colors add a playful, unexpected touch.

Tools and Materials

  • 5" square wood container
  • Mini styrofoam balls ranging from 1 - 3"
  • Colored yarn
  • Floral foam brick
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Gray felt
  • 2 mini silver styrofoam balls
  • 2 black buttons
  • Silver craft glitter

How to Assemble the Centerpiece

1. Measure and cut felt to cover all 4 sides of the wood box, using dabs of hot glue to adhere. Measure a square of felt to cover the bottom as well.

2. Fill the wood box with a floral foam brick, cutting pieces of the foam as necessary to achieve a snug fit.

3. Cover the styrofoam balls in different colors of yarn to create yarn balls*, criss-crossing the yarn around each ball until completely covered and securing the ends with a dab of hot glue.

4. Insert a bamboo skewer into each yarn ball. Insert the other end of the skewer into the floral foam. Continue adding yarn balls to the centerpiece and adjusting the arrangement until you have a nice, full look.

5. For the antennas, paint 2 bamboo skewers silver and attach mini silver styrofoam balls to the top.

6. Last but not least, hot glue 2 small black button eyes to the front of the centerpiece.

*For a step-by-step tutorial on creating yarn balls, click here.