5 Ways to Use Personalization

From bedding and backpacks to picture frames and storage bins, we offer a wide array of items that can be personalized. Personalization is a great way to add unique style to a child's space or transform a gift into a keepsake. Here are our best tips for using personalization.

5 Ways to Use Personalization
  • Memorable Baby Gifts

    Use personalization to bring lasting appeal to a baby gift. Embroidered with a name and birth date, a quilt becomes a unique memento of a special baby's arrival. And a silver picture frame or cup that's etched with a baby's monogram is destined to be treasured for generations.

  • Their Space, Their Style

    Kids love seeing their names on favorite items because it gives them a sense of ownership. To create a comfortable spot for reading and relaxing, have an armchair or beanbag personalized with your child's name. Toss a monogrammed throw pillow on top, and decorate the dresser-top with a personalized jewelry box.

  • Keeping Track of Belongings

    Help kids keep track of their belongings by adding a name or monogram to items like backpacks, sleeping bags and luggage. Personalization is also a great way to ensure that towels return home with your child after a visit to the beach or pool.

  • Everything in Its Place

    Use personalized baskets, bins and buckets to keep playrooms and study spaces neatly organized. Designate one container for each child to encourage them to pick up after themselves. Or, label the containers with their contents, such as puzzles, books and dolls.

  • Holiday Traditions

    Adding personalization to holiday items is a great way to make unpacking the decorations each year a celebration in itself. A stocking stitched with each child's name lets Santa know where to put the good stuff. Engraved photo ornaments are another fun tradition- and a wonderful way to capture a moment in time.