Inspired Wall Designs in a Girl's Room

Make your daughter's room one of a kind by getting creative with the walls. Paint, stencils, decals or artwork can become one of the room's most appealing decorative elements, echoing themes and patterns from textiles and other accessories. The design can be as simple as a pattern of stripes or as wondrous as a blooming garden – anything that complements the room's theme and makes her excited to call it her own.

Painted stripes and stenciled patterns are easy to create and fun to customize, and they can bring a lot of depth and character to the room.

Simple designs can have big impact. Try a repeating pattern of geometric shapes such as polka dots, wavy lines or diamonds.

Play with color: use different colors or tones from the room's palette to add interest to a repeating pattern. If your wall color is strong, apply silhouetted shapes in white for a bold contrast.

Use a stenciled pattern to draw attention to a piece of furniture or architectural feature, or to highlight a piece of art. Try stenciling a scrolled frame around a favorite photograph or group of photographs, or a mirror. Create a colorful floral garland around a window molding.

For a more temporary wall accent, try using vinyl decals, which can easily be switched out when the season or your child's style changes.