Inspired Wall Designs for a Girl's Nursery

A little creative inspiration can bring a lot of fun and personality to the walls of your baby girl's nursery. Use paint to create stripes, stenciled patterns or other accents, or pick vinyl decals to create the look of a hand-painted custom mural. Look to a favorite piece of artwork or a photograph for inspiration. You can also draw colors from patterns used in the bedding, rug or window treatments.

One of the easiest painting techniques is to use painters' tape to create stripes. You can use tonal variations of the same color, or use contrasting hues for a bolder look. A horizontal band of color around the room creates a more tranquil feel. Consider creating several stripes of varying widths in colors inspired by your textiles.

For more texture and variation, try a stencil. You can purchase stencils of abstract shapes, or choose a silhouette of a bird, flower, dragonfly or something else that feels inviting. You can also cut your own out of cardstock.

For scenes with lots of detail, vinyl decals are a great option. If you find a set you love, it can inspire an entire design scheme for the wall; if you choose decals of farm animals, for instance, you could paint rolling green pastures and a sunny sky on the wall to create a fun, colorful scene.