3 Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Rosy colors and heart shapes are all it takes to create a little Valentine's Day cheer. These easy projects are fun to do with kids, either for your own special celebrations at home or to share with their friends and classmates.

Heart Wreath


  • Chenille stems (also known as pipe cleaners) in red and pink
  • Wire cutters

1. You may want to play around with a chenille stem or two to decide what size hearts you want to make and whether you'll need to trim the stems slightly. Gently form a hook shape (like the top of a candy cane) at one end of a chenille stem, and an inch or two below it pinch the stem into a tight V shape. Form another hook an inch or two up the free end of the stem, use your wire cutters to trim it if necessary, and then give the two ends one or two twists to secure them together.

2. If you trimmed off some of the length of your stem, use that to measure and cut 10 or more additional stems to the length you desire. (Or go freestyle: you could also make a pretty wreath out of hearts in several sizes.) Before forming each stem into a heart, slip it through a heart on your growing wreath so they're linked together.