Tissue Paper Flowers

Bring the magic of spring indoors with oversized tissue-paper flowers in bright, sunny colors. Our DIY design is easy to make, and is the perfect addition to the kids' Easter table, an entryway display or anywhere else you want to add a touch of whimsy.

Tools and Materials

  • 10"x6.5" colored tissue paper (you'll need 7 per flower)
  • Green chenille pipe cleaners
  • Scissors


1. Stack 7 pieces of 10"x6.5" tissue paper. Use the same color or different colors.

2. Fold the tissue paper up and back repeatedly to create a 1-2 inch wide accordion or fan fold.

3. Wind one end of the pipe cleaner around the middle of the accordion folded tissue paper and secure at the end.

4. Trim the ends of each side of the paper to give the petals a unique look. We recommend trimming the ends into a point (like a triangle) or a half circle.

5. Starting on one side, carefully separate each layer pulling upwards toward the middle of the flower.

6. Separate the layers on the second side, and you're done!