Around-The-Clock Baby Shower Time Capsule
How To:

Plan a Time Capsule Activity

This creative take on a time capsule gives the mom-to-be a sweet, sentimental gift that she and her child will enjoy together in the future. Each guest is assigned a future birthday and is asked to write down a message that the child will get to read on that day (or perhaps, when the child is very young, the mother can read it for them). On the day of the shower, the hostess collects all the letters in a box or basket that can be presented to the expectant mom. It'll bring back happy memories of this day for years.


Use our templates to print out an envelope and notecard for each guest; each guest will write a letter for the birthday that corresponds with the number on her envelope. By sending both along with the shower invitations, you can give the guests a little time to think about what they want to write. Make sure to also include a slip of paper explaining the concept of the time capsule. Encourage them to write a wish, a thought, a memory of their own from a childhood birthday – whatever they would like to share.

As part of your party preparations, find a box that will fit the letters, and decorate the outside so it's clear what a special gift it holds. It will make a beautiful centerpiece for your gift table.

Download Time Capsule Letters

Download Time Capsule Envelopes