Sweet Treat Packaging

by The TomKat Studio

Send your guests home with a sweet treat to enjoy later! This pretty packaging is easy to create with our printable thank-you tag template and a few craft supplies.

Tools and Materials

Download thank-you tags

How to Assemble the Party Favors

1. Download and print the thank-you tag template.

2. Trim the tags just inside the dotted lines.

3. Use decorative-edge scissors to cut out a square shape with a border. The final size of each square should be 3.5" x 3.5". (We used a pre-cut glittered shape from the craft store.)

4. For dimension, use the foam dots to attach each thank-you tag to the glittered background.

5. Attach the tag and background to the glassine bag using double-sided tape.

6. Fill the glassine bag with the meringues or other small treats.

7. Fold the bag over toward the backside and seal with tape or a small sticker.