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How to Plan an
Outdoor Birthday Party

The sun is out and it's time to celebrate! Backyards, parks and pools are great spaces for birthday parties, especially during the summer. Follow our easy step-by-step guide for a party planning timeline, recipes, crafts and more.

How to Plan an Outdoor Birthday Party

Three to Four Weeks Before:

Choose a location and time. If you're throwing the party in a larger outdoor space, it's helpful to choose one area that will be the main focus of the party so you know where to put most of your decorations. As for the time of the party, picking that will help determine what food you should serve — if it's near lunch or dinner time, a full meal is a good call, whereas if it's in the mid-morning or afternoon, you can serve finger foods and sweets.

Send the invitations. Whether you're sending paper or digital invitations, choose one that sets the theme of the party. We like the idea of an invitation with summer icons, like flamingoes, a sun or water.

Plan and make decorations. Photo backdrops or photo booths are always a hit at parties. Follow our easy DIY party backdrop instructions to make one out of balloons, pinwheels and palm leaves.

How to Plan an Outdoor Birthday Party

Week of Party:

Shop for food and desserts. So you can enjoy the party, make as much of the food as you can in advance. The night of the party, make the summer palm tree cupcakes. This is a great activity to do with your child!

Plan out the party table. From choosing the centerpiece to picking the plates, our 5 tips for setting the party table article details how to make a wow-worthy scene.

Prepare crafts. Assemble all the pieces you need for the crafting portion of the party. For the party hats with pom-poms, you can easily pick up all the pieces up at a craft store weeks before the party.

How to Plan an Outdoor Birthday Party

Day of Party:

Assemble the party table. Put your plan into action and place plates, cutlery, woven chairbackers on the table. Hang the banner above the table and put the cupcakes on the flamingo centerpiece.

Set up the photo backdrop and craft table. Hang up the photo backdrop and carve out a space for the craft table. Place out everything they need for the party hat craft on the table.