Storage Solutions for Bathrooms

One of the keys to keeping the bathroom feeling clean and welcoming is to make sure it's well organized. This is especially true in a kids' bathroom, where toys tend to accumulate in and around the bathtub. Make sure it's easy (and even fun) for your kids to keep their belongings put away, and they'll enjoy taking the initiative to pick up their own things.

All you need to keep all their boats, bath squirties and other favorite bath toys organized is a few galvanized metal buckets; if the bathroom is shared by one or more children, consider having the buckets personalized or use color coding to establish whose is whose.

Medicine cabinets are often hard to reach for kids, so look for playful storage containers that will keep their basic toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste and comb, for instance – next to the sink. Colorful styles that are crafted of resin often come in fun shapes that appeal to kids, and they're shatter-resistant.

Rather than storing extra towels and washcloths on high shelves in a linen closet, consider putting them on a rack or shelf beneath the sink. Rolling them up into tight cylinders is a great way to make them look a little more casual and playful, and looks especially appealing when you have towels in several different colors.

You can also use a laundry hamper (preferably with a lid) to store towels and other bath linens; if you don't need it for storage, a hamper is a great idea in the bathroom because it will help keep dirty clothes and damp towels from piling up.

Hooks and towel rods have a tendency to be mounted high on the wall, but make sure there are some where your kids can reach them so that they can hang up their own towels and washcloths to dry.

Just a couple of hooks on the back of the door is a great way to keep their towels at a reachable height. A towel ring on the side of the sink – rather than on the wall next to or above the sink – will make it easy to dry hands after washing.