Storage Solutions for a Shared Nursery

In a shared nursery, smart organization and efficient use of space are key to creating a room that's easy to use and fun to spend time in.

For maximum storage in a small footprint, consider a modular system with a mix of open and closed storage. Make sure you set up your changing area so that everything you need is easy to reach with one hand, and you may want to arrange a play mat close by so you can keep an eye on both babies at once.

Sorting tops, bottoms and pajamas in separate dresser drawers makes it easy to grab and go; if the nursery is shared by a boy and a girl, drawer dividers can help you sort their clothes. Another great option is canvas bins or baskets with personalized liners, with a designated color for each child. Larger baskets and bins are great for blankets, sweaters and soft toys, and shorter bins hold items ranging from socks to burp cloths.

A shared nursery will have two (or more) cribs or bassinets, providing an easy system for keeping some belongings separated. Cribs with drawers built in are a great way to remember whose favorite sleep sack is whose; with nearly any crib, you can tuck flat storage containers underneath. Many bassinets are designed with a shelf beneath that's perfect for extra sheets and blankets.

There will be times when you're feeding or cuddling one baby while the other is content, so set up a safe play area that you can easily see from your rocker or glider. A play mat, a few soft toys or stuffed animals, or a bouncy seat that plays music are all likely to keep a baby happy while your hands are full.