5 Storage Solutions for a Nursery

A nursery serves lots of functions. It's the place where your baby will sleep – and it's also the place where they'll learn to sit and crawl, have countless diaper and clothing changes, and spend lots of time being fed and rocked by you. When you're setting up storage systems in your nursery, it's important to think carefully about all the ways it will be used and the ever-evolving phases your baby will experience there. Here are a few key ideas to keep in mind.

5 Storage Solutions for a Nursery
  • Place some storage at
    ground level.

    When your baby is very young, they won't be getting into much, but as they grow they'll start exploring everything, from the ground up. Set up shelving and storage buckets so that stimulating toys can be stored at ground level, where they'll grab your baby's interest and encourage their curiosity.

  • Ensure ample low lighting.

    Late at night and around naptimes, you may often find yourself moving around the nursery without the benefit of bright lighting. Set up changing areas and pathways so you can easily navigate them using your memory and sense of touch.

  • Keep essentials within
    arm's reach.

    You may also often find yourself performing many one-handed feats while you cradle your baby or hold them on your hip. Make sure clothes, rattles, pacifiers, favorite music boxes and other everyday essentials are easy to locate and use.

  • Create zones for convenience.

    It may help you organize to think of the room as divided into mini "zones" – for changing, playing, and rocking and feeding, for instance. Group clothing and diapering essentials; a play mat and baskets of toys; and bookshelves and burp cloths so that they're convenient to those zones, respectively.

  • Always think of safety.

    Babies who are learning to crawl and walk use anything and everything to stabilize themselves – and once they can walk, they start climbing. Make sure all dressers and shelves are secured with tip-resistant straps, and store any fragile keepsakes well out of a toddler's reach.