Snack Ideas That Are
Perfect to Pack for Lunch

Lunch doesn’t have to be boring or ordinary. Keep your kid enthralled with lunch by packing a select mix of snacks that deliver all the flavor and nutrition they need. Prepare the snacks the night before so that all you have to do is grab the containers and pack them into your child’s backpack before leaving for school. Pottery Barn Kids makes it easy to organize a fun, delicious lunch with our containers and lunch bags. For a lunch that packs a punch, follow these simple, packable lunch ideas to create a nutritious snack that’s easy to grab and go.

Snack Ideas That Are Perfect to Pack for Lunch


Kids love sliced fruits, which add a touch of natural sweetness and an infusion of healthy vitamins. Keep it simple with sliced bananas, pears or apples spritzed with lemon juice to keep them from browning. Orange segments and fresh berries also have a delicious flavor profile when paired together. If your child has a more adventurous palate, try combining sliced kiwi with blackberries, mango and pineapple or sliced Asian pears with melon. Add a handful of your child’s favorite nuts for extra crunch and protein. Freeze fruits, such as watermelon or cantaloupe, for a sorbet-like treat. Our insulated lunch bags keep the fruit refreshingly chilled until lunchtime.


Just like fruit, freshly cut veggies make a healthful addition to any lunch. Skip pretzels and chips in favor of bite-sized carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, celery or radishes, all of which fit neatly into any of our small storage containers or the chambers of one of our bento boxes. Add a side of hummus for a protein-rich dip, or create veggie kebabs by threading different vegetables with bite-sized pieces of cheese or cooked chicken for a fun, sandwich-free lunch. Use one of our containers to send your child to class with hot vegetable-based soups or chilled gazpacho.

Finger foods

Sandwich pinwheels, fritters and other finger foods are packable lunch ideas beloved among kids and adults alike. Instead of mayonnaise, add a thin layer of mashed avocado mixed with a little fresh lemon juice to prevent browning to a whole-grain wrap. Fill the wrap with thinly sliced chicken or turkey breast, lettuce or baby spinach and fresh herbs before rolling it and slicing it into pinwheels. Our storage container sets and bento boxes give you maximum flexibility with ample space for multiple snacks. Make your own fritters by mixing a batch of whole-wheat pancake batter, but only use half the liquid. Add grated zucchini, a pinch of Parmesan and a cup of corn kernels to make corn and zucchini fritters. Cook the fritters as you would cook pancakes and pack them with a side of Greek yogurt for dipping.

Easy-to-eat protein

No school lunch is complete without a healthy dose of protein. Pack your child a durable set of reusable utensils to make it easy and mess-free to eat freshly cooked pieces of chicken, turkey, lean beef or fish. Alternatively, peel and slice a hardboiled egg and add a serving of edamame or a few slices of lean lunch meats for protein-packed snacks that your child can pick up and eat easily at lunchtime.