Sewn Heart Garland

Sewn Heart Garland

This handmade garland is the perfect finishing touch for your Valentine's Day party decor. Give yours a special touch by throwing in an unexpected color or pattern.

Tools & Materials:

  • 2" heart-shaped paper punch
  • A variety of decorative paper
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Blue painter's tape

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Use the paper punch to cut hearts out of the decorative paper.
  2. Lay out a long piece of blue tape (3-4'), sticky side up.
  3. Place tops of hearts along the tape's bottom edge, with at least a 1/2" between each heart. This will help keep the hearts in place while you're sewing.
  4. Choose thread color and set up sewing machine. Pull 2-3' of thread out before sewing through hearts. Then, sew through hearts just below the blue tape.
  5. Pass the hearts through the sewing machine again. This time, sew a line about 3/4" below the last one. This will keep the hearts from flipping upside down – you don't need to sew a perfectly straight line.
  6. Be sure to leave another 2-3' of thread on the other end before cutting it from the machine.