The Pottery Barn Kids rug glossary

Our rugs add vibrant color and cozy warmth to your little one’s space. Care for them correctly, and their beauty will last through each and every milestone. Read below for important care instructions and production methods used to create our comfortable rugs.

Care Instructions

Rug Pads
To protect your rugs, we recommend using a rug pad. It provides traction between the rug and floor to prevent slipping. It adds padding and keeps the rug smooth and flat. Extending the life of the rug, a pad protects the canvas backing and prevents possible color transfer.

Clean rugs regularly using a vacuum cleaner without a beater brush on a low power setting. For best results, vacuum from different directions, making several passes over the area. With wool or chenille braided rugs, sprouts of yarn may work their way to the surface. This is to be expected and in no way lessens the wearability. Trim any loose threads using household scissors. To avoid unraveling, do not pull threads. Shedding will diminish over time. Pottery Barn Kids cotton throw rugs can be machine washed: small sizes (2 x 3' and 3 x 5') in standard machines; large sizes (5 x 8') in commercial front–loading washers. For spot cleaning, apply water in very small amounts; do not saturate. If applying cleaning solvents, test in a small, inconspicuous spot before using. For general maintenance or stubborn stains, use an experienced professional cleaning service that specializes in handmade rugs. Some rug repair shops also offer cleaning services. Do not dry clean. Harsh chemicals may damage or fade rugs. Attend to spills immediately. Blot with a clean, undyed cloth to absorb as much of the spill as possible. Working from the outer edge toward the center of the spot, gently blot the area to prevent the spill from spreading.

Reposition your rug every six months to promote even wear on the surface and extend the life of the rug.

Store your rug by rolling it front side out and wrapping in cloth for protection. Do not fold or put in an airtight plastic bag. Place in a dry, well–ventilated area.


A method of interlacing three or more yarns or cloth strips in such a way that they form a braid. Braids are then sewn together to form primarily round or oval shapes. A variance in pattern is inherent from rug to rug – no two are exactly alike. Braided rugs are reversible for added wear.

Flat Weave
A rug created on a loom, like a tapestry, which has no pile.

A rug that contains tonal (light and dark) yarn colors for a flecked appearance. Adds depth and interest.

Refers to the pile of a tufted rug when the yarns are passed through the backing from back to front, then front to back, resulting in a loop left intact.

Petit Point
A tight, "one over one" weave resembling needlepoint. Petit point style results in design with fine detail.

The surface of a rug composed of many yarns that stand from the ground structure of the backing. In looped pile, the loops are uncut; in cut/sheared pile, the loops are cut for a velvety texture.

Rug Pad
Provides traction between the rug and floor to prevent slipping. It adds padding and keeps the rug smooth, flat and wrinkle–free. Extending the life of the rug, a pad protects the underside and prevents any possible color transfer.

A technique in which the pile of a rug is sheared at various heights to create or highlight a pattern. Frequently incorporated into Pottery Barn Kids wool rugs.

The yarns that make up the pattern of a rug are stitched around the edge of the backing, rather than being bound with another fabric. Effective binding method; results in a heavier weight that resists curling.

The pile of a tufted rug with yarn loops that are cut into individual yarns, resulting in a carpet–like appearance. Also known as "cut."

Throw Rug
A light, flat–weave rug often made of cotton. Reversible for twice the wear.

A method of rug construction in which yarns are pushed through the backing to create the carpet, or pile, on the other side. Pottery Barn Kids rugs are hand–tufted with a "gun" tool. Tufted loops may be left intact or cut.