How to Prepare for Kindergarten

Long before summer ends, the back-to-school brigade begins. Use the last few weeks of summer vacation to get your child mentally ready for spending her day at school. Pottery Barn Kids carries a variety of school supplies to help get you ready, with everything from desks and chairs to backpacks and accessories.

The first day of kindergarten is the first of many academic milestones. Smooth the transition and help your child adjust to the new routine by preparing for kindergarten before the big day comes by following a few simple tips and tricks to get ready for the first day.

How to Prepare for Kindergarten

Simple chores

Once she starts kindergarten, your child is increasingly expected to be a productive, helpful member of the school’s community. You can help her develop good citizenship skills by tasking her with simple household chores that she is able to perform. Explain why the chore is important and make it a regular part of your routine. Some examples include having her make her own bed and put her toys back in her toy chest every night before bed.

Everyday math and science

Use the summer before your child starts school to start introducing math and science by using everyday examples. Grow a plant or a small garden, talk about vegetables and herbs and explain why some foods are healthier than other foods to start teaching your child about science. Count steps out loud while you walk up or down, count snacks along with your child before he eats them and add or subtract a few along the way to introduce math and numbers to your budding student. Use educational toys and puzzles such as our number puzzle to help your kid develop problem solving skills while learning valuable lessons and having fun.

Talk about feelings

Part of forming strong social bonds is having a good understanding of other people’s feelings. Help your child be aware of emotions by talking about feelings and helping her to identify her own feelings. Additionally, you can make great strides in reducing your child’s anxiety by talking about what to expect from her first day. Share some stories about your favorite school memories and let your child express any worries she may have. Make it fun by going into the playroom and play-acting different scenarios while you play dress up or have a tea party.

Instill a love of reading

A love for books and reading starts long before kindergarten. Read to your child regularly and explain what an illustrator and author does. Stock up on beloved books and make time every day to read, sound out words together and develop her imagination.

Get excited

Be enthusiastic when you talk about starting school to help encourage your child’s excitement. Attend orientation meetings and set up playdates with other children so that your child will have some familiar faces to greet him on her first day. Go back to school shopping for supplies and let him pick out his first backpack so that he feels included and ready to face his first day.