Personalize Milk Cartons

Quintessentially "back to school," classic mini milk cartons take on new a purpose – and kids will love finding their own personalized treat.

Tools and Materials

  • Individual milk cartons
  • Paper straws
  • Awl or sharp knife
  • Chalkboard labels or black cardstock
  • Craft paper punches
  • Fine chalk pen or white paint pen
  • Decorative red and white washi tape or decorative paper

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Cut labels out of cardstock using craft punches, or buy pre-made chalkboard labels.

2. On the labels, write the names of each child attending the party.

3. Punch a hole on the top of each carton using an awl. If you don't have an awl, make two cuts in the carton with a sharp serrated steak knife, creating an X on top.

4. Add the personalized labels on top of the cartons on the opposite side of the hole.

5. We added decorative tape to cover the labels, making the cartons more festive.

Tip: Don't add the paper straws until the last minute, as they tend to become mushy when left in liquid for a prolonged period of time.