3 Tips for Creating

the Perfect Easter Basket

An Easter basket is a quintessential part of this springtime holiday's celebration.
Here are three tips to designing the perfect basket every kid will love.

3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Easter Basket

1. Think outside the basket.

Traditional rattan baskets are beautiful, but don't be afraid to do something different. A colorful metal bucket personalized with kids' names is just as fun – plus, it lends a slightly industrial touch, which can be a nice contrast to Easter's typical pastels and brights.

2. Create a clean canvas to showcase the bounty.

To show off dyed-egg masterpieces and pretty Easter gifts, stick to mostly neutral baskets. A creamy white basket fitted with a decorative white liner offers a simple, clean approach, while white Easter grass – rather than the shiny green variety – highlights the basket's bounty.

3. Make it personal.

Choose a liner for each child's basket based on the colors and patterns they love. Also, have each embroidered with their name to give everyone their own special look.