How to choose the perfect nursery chair:

Comfort Swivel Rocker

With plenty of time spent with your baby feeding and getting them to sleep, it's necessary to have a nursery chair that's comfortable for the both of you. A rocker is an especially great piece of furniture to have in the nursery so you can rock your baby to sleep gently.

If you're trying to find the right nursery chair, read the four reasons our classic
Comfort Swivel Rocker is a bestseller.

Comfort Swivel Rocker

Healthy Baby, Healthy Planet

Since the nursery is the room you'll be in most once you have your baby, eco-friendly and baby-safe products are important. The Comfort Swivel Rocker is constructed with many different eco-friendly materials, including hardwood certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Along with the hardwood frame, the soft seat cushion is made using 20% soy-based foam surrounded by recycled fiber. Additionally, the round base is made of 80% recycled metal and the springs are 70% recycled heavy-gauge steel.

Construction & Design

Solid furniture starts with a solid frame. The Comfort Swivel Rocker is built out of a kiln-dried solid hardwood frame so it won't warp or twist. Corner blocks are used on the frame to reinforce its strength.

When you're rocking your baby to sleep and need to reach for something without waking him or her up, a base that turns in different directions comes in handy. This chair features a metal round base that swivels 360 degrees.

A big part of making a comfortable chair is the cushions. The cushions are created with high density foam core and wrapped in a non-woven ticking casing. The cushions are easy to remove from the coverings for washing. The back cushion is made of three channeled fiber sections — channeling helps keep the fibers in place, so you won't have a lumpy cushion.

If you want to create an even more relaxed environment, an ottoman is a great addition to this chair. An ottoman allows you to fully extend your feet out in front of you, which is ideal when both you and baby fall asleep.

Another great feature of this chair is that it's neutral enough to be placed in another room once your baby has grown up. You can easily change the slipcover to a different color or material to match your living or family room.

Comfort Swivel Rocker Colors

Multiple Sizes

To make sure the Comfort Swivel Rocker fits in any and every space, it's available in three sizes. The small rocker is a more compact version of the standard version and fits perfectly in cozy spaces. The standard version is our most popular size and fits in many nurseries. The grand size is ideal for taller parents or those who like a roomy chair.

Comfort Swivel Rocker Comfort Small Swivel Rocker Comfort Swivel Rocker Comfort Grand Swivel Rocker

Quick & Easy Delivery

We offer chairs in different fabric options that are ready to ship within one to three weeks. These are our most popular upholstered chair styles, so you're sure to find one that will work in your nursery.

A lot of nursery chairs are delivered in pieces and you have to take the time to assemble it yourself. So you can start using it immediately, the Comfort Swivel Rocker is delivered in one piece. A protective upholstery bag is placed over the chair during shipping to avoid any scuffs or stains.