Origami Crane Cupcake Toppers

These elegant cupcake toppers are well worth the the extra steps it takes to get them done. Once you finish one, you'll be an origami expert!

Tools and Materials

  • Gold foil origami paper (4-4.5" square)

If you're having trouble getting the origami right, try finding a good DIY video tutorial online.

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Fold paper in half into rectangle, aligning the top edge with the bottom edge. Crease, then unfold.

2. Fold in half vertically from left to right. Crease, then unfold.

3. Fold top right corner down to bottom left corner. Crease, then unfold.

4. Repeat with top left corner.

5. Rotate paper so it looks like a diamond.

6. Using the creases you've already made, bring the top three corners down to the bottom corner and flatten. This will fold the paper into a small square with two flaps on the left and two on the right.

7. Fold top triangular flaps into the middle crease. Crease, then unfold.

8. Flip it over and repeat step 7 for the other two flaps.

9. Fold top corner down along the points created by the last fold. Crease, then fold it the opposite way and crease again. Unfold.

10. Open the uppermost flap, bringing it upwards while pressing the sides inwards. Flatten and crease. Turn over and repeat.

11. Fold top flaps into the center. Repeat on the other side.

12. Fold both "legs" up. Crease, then unfold.

13. Inside-reverse fold the "legs" along the creases made on step 12.

14. Fold the wings down so they're perpendicular to the body.

15. Fold the tip of the head down.

16. Pull the head and tail out so they line up with the outer edges of the body.