Lunar New Year Dragon

Ring in the Lunar New Year with this festive paper dragon. Designed to hang from the ceiling or on a wall, this decorative dragon adds charm and excitement to New Year celebrations.

Tools and Materials

  • Drawing of a Chinese dragon
  • Carbon transfer paper
  • Heavy card stock (gold colored)
  • X-acto knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Hole punch
  • Brads*
  • String or twine

How to Make a Lunar New Year Dragon

1. Transfer your Chinese dragon drawing onto gold card stock using transfer paper. Be sure to trace the head and body as one piece and then trace the legs and tail as separate pieces.

2. Carefully cut out the dragon pieces using an x-acto knife and cutting mat.

3. Lay out the dragon pieces, placing the legs and tail where they look best. Using a hole punch, create a small hole at each "joint" where the legs, tail and body will overlap. Assemble the "joints" using brads*.

4. Hang the dragon using string or twine.

*A brad is a paper fastener that can be used when making crafts with movable joints. It has a circular end with two prongs. To use a brad, push the prongs through a hole in paper and then bend them outward on the reverse side to hold the paper in place.