How to Throw a Twin Shower
How To:

Throw a Baby Shower For Twins

For a mom expecting twins, there's plenty to be excited about – and so much planning to do. When it's time to celebrate the mom-to-be, a little advance preparation will make it easy to throw a baby shower that will be fun for her, the guests and you, and help her get ready for the two new additions to her family.

Three to four weeks before

Send invitations. Traditional invitations that arrive in the mail are always a pleasant surprise, and one will likely join the expectant mom's scrapbook down the road. Electronic invitations are super-efficient, and are easy to customize with photos and colors. If you're going to have a theme (a design or even simply a color), the invitations are a great way to give guests a peek. Make sure to include information on the mom-to-be's gift registry.

Plan your menu. Start to think about food that's easy to prepare ahead of time. Keep in mind that expectant moms usually need lots of protein, so make sure you balance out tasty pastries and fruit salad with some chicken salad or quiches.

Plan activities or crafts. Look through books or on websites for fun baby-shower games if the mom-to-be loves to play.

Decorating bodysuits for the babies is a great shower activity that brings out everyone's creative side; watch our video for detailed instructions on creating stylish designs, and to make a list of the materials you'll need to gather.

Plan decorations and favors. A bouquet or two of colorful flowers might be all you need to decorate, but you may want to get extra-festive with simple handmade pinwheels made from colorful paper. Watch our video for instructions to create cute, baby-themed bottle cozies for beverages; a display of colorfully wrapped bottles can become part of your decorations. If you choose to provide party favors, something simple and sweet is all that's needed, such as an elegantly wrapped bar of soap or a packet of flower seeds.

One to three days before

Shop. Purchase any food and beverages you'll need, plus the materials for crafts or games, flowers to decorate with, and party favors. Purchase materials to make bottle cozies, if you're going to use them. If you're getting a cake from a bakery, order it at least three days in advance.

Begin food prep. If you're doing the cooking yourself, get started on anything that can easily be done ahead of time, such as cutting up fruit and vegetables, baking a cake or cupcakes (keep chilled and wait until the day of the party to frost), and making and chilling any dips or sauces.

Set up for craft activities or games. If you're decorating bodysuits, make sure to wash them all (in extra-mild soap) and arrange them in a basket. Set up a table with templates, markers, and the other materials your guests will need to decorate their bodysuits. If games are part of the plan, gather the materials.

Prepare (or wrap) your gift. If you're creating a gift basket for the mom-to-be, arrange it now. Set it out on a table to let guests know where to pile their gifts as they arrive.

Prepare the bottle cozies and party favors. You can wrap the bottles now and chill them until the party is starting. Tie party favors with bows or wrap them with tissue, and arrange them in a basket near your home's entrance.

Day of the party

Decorate your home. Arrange flowers, tie up balloons, set up centerpieces, and finalize the arrangement of party favors and a gift table. Establish a special seat for the guest of honor for when it's time to open gifts. Make sure it's the most comfortable one in the house, and hang ribbons on it or tie balloons to the back so it's clear who it's for. Have a notepad handy so you can help her make a list of who gave what gift.

Set the table. Spread out a tablecloth or runner, and set out any of the chilled food you've prepared ahead of time. Arrange a beverage station with your decorated bottles, as well as a water pitcher or teapot. Set out plates, utensils and napkins.

Prepare any hot food. If you're serving quiches, put them in the oven just as guests are starting to arrive so that they'll bake while everyone is mingling and congratulating the guest of honor. They'll be ready just as everyone gets hungry.

Frost and decorate the dessert. Colorful sprinkles will make them party-ready, or write a congratulatory message across your cake.