How to Throw a Hot Cocoa Party

How To:
Throw a Holiday Hot Cocoa Party

Keep it cozy indoors with a holiday celebration that kids of all ages will enjoy. Creating a do-it-yourself hot cocoa bar is a great way to let kids build their very own treat and sending guests home with sweet favor lets them celebrate all season long.

How to Throw a Hot Cocoa Party

Three to Four Weeks Before:

Send invitations. Choose invitations that fit with the rustic theme, or have your child make their own with craft paper and crayons. Including classic icons of the holidays or touches of plaid are great way to give guests a sneak peek at some of your party decorations.

Plan your menu. For the hot cocoa bar, be sure to create a list of all of the toppings you'll want to display, such as peppermint sticks, sprinkles and pirouette cookies. Make sure to include soy milk or almond milk for guests who don't drink dairy.

Decide your decorations. If you're creating your own decorations like our miniature holiday trees, be sure to purchase all of the supplies and schedule time to build each piece.

How to Throw a Hot Cocoa Party

Week of the Party:

Shop. Purchase the ingredients you'll need to create the hot cocoa bar and other menu items. Visit a craft store to purchase supplies like mason jars for the hot cocoa favors and mason jar snow globes.

Decorate. Plan where all of the hot cocoa toppings will be placed on the table and create labels for food and treats with our candy cane card holder. Paint the chalkboard sign and put together any additional decorations.

Set the table. Drape a plaid table cloth or runner to give the party an outdoorsy look. Make sure that the table is low enough for kids to easily and safely access all of the hot cocoa bar toppings.

How to Throw a Hot Cocoa Party

Day of the Party:

Set up the hot cocoa bar. Place all of the toppings in separate jars or bowls and spread them out along the table. Be sure to include spoons or tongs to help reduce any spills or messes. Make a big batch of hot coca and store it in a thermos or dispenser to keep warm before your guests arrive.

Prepare the food. Include both savory and sweet options to give your guests a variety of small bites. Make food that is easy to prepare and works well with the party theme like our chocolate-dipped marshmallows.

Set a festive mood. Turn on some classic holiday music and place some of your little one's favorite toys (like trains or dolls) out as part of the decoration.