How to Plan an Under the Sea Party
How To:

Plan an Under the Sea Party

With everything from shark-fin cupcakes to buoy-inspired decor, this under-the-sea-themed party is perfect for boys and girls. It's an ideal summertime get-together poolside, at the beach or in your backyard.


Choose a location and time. Water and the ocean are a central theme of this party, making it perfect for a pool or ocean-side location. A backyard would also work well – just be sure to take advantage of the summer's warm sun! Plan to allow space for the seating area and desserts table. Think laid-back seating, such as Adirondack chairs.

Send or deliver invitations. Make the Popsicle Invitations to invite your guests to the party. This will be the first glimpse they have at the party's theme, making it the perfect opportunity to get them excited about the celebration.

For an extra-special touch, hand deliver the invitations with a real popsicle or other summertime treat.

Plan and start making decorations. Get started by shopping for the materials you'll need for the Napkin Rings and Name Cards. Start thinking about what kind of cupcakes you want to make for the Shark Fin Cupcakes.


Shop and prepare food/desserts. If you're ordering dessert from a baker, be sure to order well in advance. Shop for ingredients for the recipes you're preparing at least a week before the party. Purchase ingredients for the Shark Fin Cupcakes and Color-Pop Punch. If you want, prepare the cupcakes a couple days before the party, then freeze them – it will save time and stress as party day approaches!

Setting up the party space. Begin by designating different spaces for each element of your event. Decide where you want to set up the dessert and treat table, and how much space you'll have to display the food. Also, decide where you want to set up the eating space, and how many place settings you'll need. Also determine an area where kids can work on crafts or do other activities.

Make the napkin holders and name cards. Assemble the Napkin Rings and Name Cards so they're ready ahead of time. Make them with your child, and have them add any special touches they'd like so the party feels personalized.

Day of the Party:

Decorate for the party. Set up each area with rugs, blankets and chairs. Set each place setting with plates, cups, silverware, name cards, napkins and napkin rings. Also, hang any banners or decorations you'd like.

Prepare food and desserts. If you're making a cake, bake and frost it the night before the party or the morning of. Set up the desserts and treats table. Just before the party, prepare and bring out the Color-Pop Punch.