How to Plan a Young Explorers Birthday Party
How To:

Plan a Young Explorers Birthday Party

by The TomKat Studio

This theme is perfect for kids who love animals and are curious about everything around them. Host your gathering outdoors to celebrate the fun of exploration and discovery. With our step-by-step guide and printable designs, it's easy to pull a creative and exciting party together.


Decide on a location and time. Whether you host in your backyard or at a park, an outdoor landscape will provide a great setting for the celebration. Decide what time of day the party will start, so you can determine the food and dessert menus.

Send or deliver invitations. Use our printable invitation design to get your guests excited about the party theme. The invitation coordinates with the entire printable collection and theme for the

event. If hand-delivering, attach the invitation to a small animal toy or magnifying glass for some extra fun.

Plan the decorations. Use our printable party designs to continue the theme throughout the party, including cupcake toppers, wrappers, place cards, favor tags and banners. Paper medallions made out of maps and craft paper are easy to make and hang in the area where the party is being hosted.

Week of the Party:

Shop and prepare food/desserts. Shop for ingredients and supplies early in the week. Prepare any food that you can in advance to save time on the day of the shower. Bake the desserts the night before. This cupcake in a jar recipe is a delicious, convenient treat, while a peanut butter chocolate cake adorned with crushed peanuts will impress kids and grown-ups.

Set up the tables. If you're hosting outside, make sure you have plates and

utensils ready to transport, as well as a cooler and cups. Purchase paper and other necessary supplies to make our printable designs and to create the hanging paper medallions.

Prepare decorations. Make the paper medallions to hang. Print and prepare other accents, such as the cupcake toppers, favor tags and place cards.

Day of the Party:

Hang paper medallions. Suspend at varying heights from tree branches or from the ceiling if hosting indoors.

Prepare food and desserts. Finish preparing and displaying the food and desserts. Place printable labels by each serving dish or platter describing what the food is.

Decorate with the printable party designs. Add mini animals to the chocolate peanut butter cake. Embellish the cupcakes with fondant toppers, paper toppers and cupcake wrappers. Clip or tie thank-you tags to the cupcakes in a jar.