How to Plan a White Winter Baby Shower
How To:

Plan a White Winter Baby Shower

by The TomKat Studio

If you're hosting a baby shower this winter, this soft-white theme with a touch of glam is perfect for celebrating a little one's upcoming arrival. With our printable templates, creative party craft tutorials and gift ideas, you can create this party with ease.


Choose a location and time. Baby showers can be hosted at a variety of locations, whether it's the organizer's home or the home of the guest. Once the location has been decided, choose a space that can comfortably seat however many guests are attending. Also, decide on a good spot for the dessert table, plus a place for gifts.

Send invitations. Use our printable design to create stunning invitations. For a touch of sparkle, sophistication and personality, use glitter paper as an invitation backer.

Plan and make decorations. Use our party decor tutorials and printable templates to create coordinating decorations to carry the theme throughout the party. Download our letter templates to create the sparkling glitter "baby" garland, and use our step-by-step tutorial to create the hanging paper snowflakes. Pick up the supplies needed to make the embellished bags for sweet-treat party favors. Also, print and cut the congratulations flags to make stir sticks for the white hot chocolate.


Shop for ingredients and order baked goods. Make a shopping list for all the supplies you'll need for recipes you're making, including ingredients for cake pops, truffle pops, meringue cookies and white hot chocolate. If you're having a cake made, be sure to order well in advance and schedule a pickup time that allows you time to add the ribbon and snowflake embellishments.

Set up the party space. Start by setting up the dessert table and hanging the "baby" garland and paper snowflakes. Choose white cake stands and platters to display the gorgeous white desserts. Print dessert label designs, and decide where each dessert will be displayed on the table.

Day Before/Day of the Shower:

Prepare and pick up desserts. Use our delicious recipes to make desserts and prepare for display. If you ordered a cake, pick it up and add any embellishments you prefer. Right before the shower starts, prepare the white hot chocolate and hand to guests as they arrive.

Prepare party favors. Before the shower begins, fill the decorated glassine bags with Heavenly Meringue Cookies or other small treats. Find a place by the door to display the party favors so guests won't forget to take one on their way out.