How to Plan a Sunshine Baby Shower
How To:

Plan a Sunshine Baby Shower

by The TomKat Studio

Spring is a beautiful time of year to host parties and showers. A baby shower with a fresh yellow and gray color scheme and polka-dot motif gives it a sweet, whimsical and distinctly stylish feel. Use the printable templates to dress the shower up from the cupcakes to the seating arrangements and beyond.


Send invitations. Use the printable invitation template to set the tone of the event. It coordinates with the entire printable collection to carry the theme throughout the shower.

Decide on a location and time. Baby showers are typically held in the late morning or early afternoon. Brunch-style food is the perfect way to go, with a broad range of menu options including foods such as light sandwiches, salads and fresh

hors d'oeuvres – and, of course, a sweet or two. In addition to flavor, always consider color and presentation when planning your menu.

Plan the decorations and favors. These tissue paper poms are easy to make and help create a festive atmosphere for any party. Use The TomKat Studio's printable party collection to incorporate the yellow and gray polka-dot theme throughout the event, including tags for favors.


Shop and prepare food/desserts. Shop for ingredients and supplies early in the week. Prepare any food that you can in advance to save time on the day of the shower. Bake the desserts the night before.

Set up the tables. Decide whether to have formal place settings or a more casual, buffet-style presentation. If you are having formal seating, set up table runners or placemats, along with dishes, glasses

and silverware. If you are creating a dessert table display, determine the cake plates and platters you will need.

Designate a gift-opening area. Establish an area where guests can drop their gifts when they arrive, and arrange a comfortable place nearby where the guest of honor can sit and open them when the time comes. Be sure to provide plenty of seating for other guests in this area.

Day of the Shower:

Arrange flowers and other decorations. Hang the tissue paper poms from the ceiling in focal points of the shower, perhaps over the dessert display or gift table. Set out pretty bouquets of flowers or even bowls of fresh lemons to add color and interest.

Prepare food and desserts. Finish preparing and displaying the food and desserts. If you're setting up a buffet, print out labels and set them near serving dishes

and platters to describe what the food is. Don't forget to set up beverages, such as water, lemonade and tea.

Decorate with the printable party designs. Add the printable cake flag designs to the lemon coconut cake. Embellish the cupcakes with cupcake wrappers and toppers. Use the printable pennant design to string banners from tables or walls.