How to Plan a Star Wars™ Birthday Party
How to Plan a Star Wars™ Birthday Party

Three to Four Weeks Before:

Choose a location and time. This theme works well as both an indoor and outdoor party. Your living room is the perfect setting for movie-watching, while the backyard is ideal for some piñata fun. Decide on the time of day so that you can determine the appropriate food and dessert items.

Send or deliver invitations. Use our printable invitation design to set the tone for your upcoming celebration. Your guests will be excited to see the Star Wars™ theme from the minute they open the invitation.

Plan and make decorations. Use our step-by-step guides and printable designs to create a coordinated party with a professionally styled quality. If you're planning to assemble some of the more time-consuming crafts—like the Cardboard Lightspeeder or the Death Star™ Piñata—now's a good time to get started.

How to Plan a Star Wars™ Birthday Party

Week of the Party:

Shop for food and desserts. Prepare what you can in advance to save time on the day of the party. If you're getting anything from a bakery or caterer, now is the time to put in your order. Make the Death Star™ Pizza Pockets and then stick them in the freezer—just be sure to begin defrosting them in the fridge the night before the party.

Decide on your snack table setup. Determine the placement of your table and pick out the various serving dishes and containers you'll need for snacks and utensils. For a professionally styled look, create varying heights to display food items. Sturdy boxes covered in decorative paper are great for DIY risers.

Prepare props and decor. Assemble crafts that will serve as part of your display or as activities on the day, like Jedi™ Vests, Thank You Bags, Lightsaber™ Napkin Rings and Photo Booth Props. Get any food accessories ready in advance—the R2-D2™ Popcorn Bags and R2-D2™ Cups can be completed now so that all you have to do on the day is fill them.

How to Plan a Star Wars™ Birthday Party

Day of the Party:

Finish preparing food and desserts. Mix up the Bantha™ Milk, bake the Death Star™ Pizza Pockets and pop some popcorn for the R2-D2™ Popcorn Bags. Arrange food on the table, along with utensils.

Set up games, activities and a place for gifts. Carve out a space for the photo booth and props. Hang up the piñata outside or in the garage. If kids will be watching one of the Star Wars™ movies, set up a viewing area (with the Cardboard Landspeeder as seating!)