How to Throw a Whimsical Easter Celebration
How To:

Plan a Pink Seashell Party

From shells and starfish to tassels and coconuts, this party celebrates with a tropical seaside mood. Use it to build a perfect girl's birthday party, or simply host a summertime get-together in the backyard, poolside or at your favorite beach.


Choose a location and time. This party is perfect to throw outdoors. If you go that route, make sure to scout out a shady spot for the dessert and drinks table.

Plan the decorations. Gather the materials and tools you'll need to make the Shell Napkin Rings and Shell Tassel Lanterns. Get creative with other ideas you think might work with this theme – a few of our favorites include pineapples, palm trees and paper lanterns overhead.

Select the menu. Let the dessert table take center stage. Plan to display the Starfish and Seahorse Sugar Cookies, Passion Fruit Cupcakes and Peach-Mango Sorbet near the front of the party, with tables for drinks and snacks on either side. Think of a few fun decorations to add to each table – even something simple like pairs of colorful sunglasses scattered on top would add a whimsical, fun touch.


Shop for food and desserts. To save time (and stress) on the day of the party, prepare what you can the week before. If you're ordering from a bakery or caterer, place your order and arrange a time to pick it up. Be sure to make the Peach-Mango Sorbet no more than 24 hours before the party, so it doesn't become too icy. If you'd like, make the lemony icing for the Starfish Sugar Cookies and refrigerate it until you're ready to ice.

Decide on the rest of the seating. Aside from chairs at the main table, decide if you'd like additional seating to make little guests more comfortable. If it's a beach or poolside party, stock up on soft, colorful beach towels or blankets, or outdoor floor cushions. If you're throwing your party inside, gather a few beanbags or other comfortable seats.

Prepare your decorations and part of the menu. Assemble your napkin rings and tassel lanterns. If you're serving any non-perishable food, make sure it's ready to go – along with party staples like napkins, plates and cups, utensils and serve ware. If your party is outside, make sure you have a bottle of sunscreen on hand in case kids forget.

Day of the Party:

Prepare food and desserts. Finish preparing the rest of the menu items. Arrange all the treats and drinks on their respective tables. Set out name labels so guests know where to sit, and make sure any additional seating is in place. Fill a cooler with a bag of ice and any treats that should be kept cold until it's time to eat.

Decorate and prepare the location. About an hour before the party begins, head to the party site to get it ready. Lay out the napkin rings, and hang lanterns to embellish with the tassels. Arrange balloons, crepe paper or other any party decor you'd like. Set up everything you need to eat so kids can help themselves to food.

Set up games, activities and a place for gifts. Designate an area for games, crafts and activities to take place. Find a tucked-away spot for gifts so nothing gets lost. If you're opening gifts at the party, remember a notepad and pen to jot down who gave what, so thank-you notes are easy.