How to Plan a Pink or Blue? Baby Shower
How To:

Plan a Pink or Blue?
Baby Shower

by The TomKat Studio

One of the most exciting moments for parents-to-be is when they get to discover the gender of their baby. A great way to share the happy surprise with friends and family is to throw a pink-and-blue themed gender reveal party. From two-toned desserts and decor to guessing games and the final reveal, this party celebrates the new baby – boy or girl! – in a fun and memorable way.


Decide on a location and time. This party can be hosted practically anywhere. Decide on the guest list – unlike traditional baby showers, men typically take part in this celebration, making it special for the dad-to-be and those closest to him.

Print and deliver invitations. Use our printable invitation design to invite your guests. Adorned with pink and blue balloons and the words "Boy or Girl," your invitees will quickly understand what the party is for. The invitation design

coordinates with the entire printable collection for the party.

Plan the decorations. Printable party designs always provide a great starting point for planning colors and decorations. Download cupcake toppers, favor tags and other fun designs and use them as a guide for color and style when purchasing items for the party. Pink and blue balloons will perfectly complement the printable designs, so consider incorporating them into your decor.


Shop and prepare food and desserts. Shop for ingredients and supplies early in the week. Prepare any food and desserts that you can in advance to save time on the day of the party. We've used cupcakes with pink or blue custard filling to reveal the gender of the baby. If you're not learning the baby's gender until the party, have your doctor write it down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Take the envelope to a bakery and have them make your reveal cupcakes for you.

Decide on your party setup. If you are creating a dessert/food table display, determine the placement of the table and

the cake plates and platters you will need for each food or dessert item. Be sure to create varying heights for the display table to add interest. Decide where you will assemble all of your guests for the moment of reveal.

Prepare paper goods and party favors. Print and assemble any of the paper elements you are using for the shower, including cupcake toppers and banner. To get partygoers to guess the baby's gender, print and frame the tally board. Decide on a small party favor for each guest, and use the printable favor tags to add a finishing touch.

Day of the Party:

Prepare food and desserts. Finish preparing or baking any of the items you will be serving at the party. Set up the dessert table using white cake plates and platters. Fill with cupcakes, donuts, cookies and other blue and pink sweets.

Decorate for the party. To decorate your party space, have the balloons filled

and place them around the party or behind the dessert table. Hang the assembled banner. Add cupcake toppers to the cupcakes and thank you tags to the favor bags. Display the tally board so that your guests can take a guess at the baby's gender when he or she arrives.