How to Plan A Lunar New Year Party
How To:

Plan A Lunar New
Year Celebration

The Lunar New Year is a time of great celebration for many cultures around the world. From festive firecrackers and dancing dragons to large family feasts, it's a time of spectacular hope and joy. Children of many backgrounds enjoy this time of year because of the lively parades, delicious foods, cultural significance and symbolic meanings. The Chinese New Year is especially fascinating to kids because each year is represented by a different animal. From the dragon to the horse, kids love figuring out what animal they were born under and what it signifies.

Make it a kid-sized celebration. The best way to keep kids seated and enjoying themselves is to make sure they're comfortable. Choose a kids' table and chairs that allow them to easily reach the tabletop.

Make it feel like a party. Having a small favor at each place setting is a great way to get kids into a festive mood – and it will give them a little keepsake to remember the celebration. Handmade paper fortune cookies are fun and easy to make, and bring iconic Chinese tradition to the party.

Choose table settings that are both fun and kid-proof. Let kids relax by giving them shatter-proof plates with a Lunar New Year theme and zodiac

placemats. Personalized chairbackers gives each partygoer their own special place for storing favors.

Create a festive atmosphere. Lunar New Year Paper Dragons crafted from gold card stock and swirling Paper Streamers overhead set the tone for an unforgettable celebration. Both decorative elements are fun for kids to make and bring color and festive charm to the party table.

Create a special menu. Lunar New Year celebrations are a great time to explore the food of other cultures. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and several other Asian cultures follow the lunar calendar and celebrate this time of year. Consider serving cuisine native to one or several of these countries.