How to Throw a Halloween Party

How To:
Plan a Halloween Party

Halloween is one of the most magical times of the year. It's a chance for kids to dress up in creative costumes, go to plenty of parades and parties, and indulge in their favorite fright-night treats. Throw a monster bash they'll love with a classic Halloween color theme — plus lots of tasty goodies designed to send a good-natured chill up their spines!

How to Plan a Walk in the Wildflowers Party

Send invitations. For a personal touch, make your invitations at home. Try something creative like our custom treat bag invitations — your kids will love stamping on the pumpkin motifs and filling the bags with treats.

Plan your menu. Orange, black and white is the name of the game — especially when it comes to your party's treats! From ghost marshmallow cake and orange-pineapple punch to spooky cheese crackers and pretzel bones, we've got a range of fun recipes to choose from.

Plan your decorations. Pumpkins, cats, spiders and ghosts — these Halloween fixtures will transform your space from simple to spooky in no time! Our paper lanterns are easy to make and look magical hanging around the house, while our spider web wreath makes a beautiful centerpiece on the front door or over the party table.

Shop. Get everything you'll need to make your Halloween-party meal, treats and decorations, as well as supplies for any activities or games.

Decorate. Bales of hay, dried cornstalks and a few variations of pumpkins are Halloween staples to get you started. Add a handful of spooky details like hanging bats, oversized spiders and flickering, battery-operated candles. Set up a table and chairs in the room where most of the activity will take place — or outdoors, if the weather permits.

Prep the food. Make whatever you can ahead of time so you'll have less to worry about the day of the party. Several of our snacks can be premade, including the gingerbread skeleton cookies, popcorn balls, spooky cheese crackers, candied apples and orange jack-o-lantern fruit cups.

Set the table. Think orange, black and white — and lots of it! Place miniature pumpkins and black plastic cutlery atop a white tablecloth for a stunning display. Place pumpkin favors at each child's place setting so everyone knows where to sit.