How to Plan an Anchors Away Baby Shower
How To:

Plan A Gold Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower this fall? Shimmering gold is the perfect theme to celebrate a little one's upcoming arrival. With a few easy crafts and some imagination, you can create this party with ease.


Choose a location and time. Host the baby shower either in your home or the home of the mother to be. Find a space that feels comfortable and relaxed, and make sure you include room for a food table plus a spot for gifts.

Send invitations. Whether store-bought or handmade, invitations help set the stage for a wonderful celebration. In keeping with this baby shower's theme, consider adding a few gold sparkles or accents with gold glitter paint.

Plan and make decorations. From gold-dipped mason jars to shimmery balloons, use our guides to create one-of-a-kind, homemade decor for the baby shower. Pick up the supplies needed to make the Glittering Favor Jars to send guests home with something unique. Also, print and make the "Mom to Be" sign so your guest of honor truly feels special.


Shop for ingredients and order baked goods. If you're not making the cake for our Golden Bloom Cake, order it from a bakery. Also, gather what you'll need for the Bubbly Mango Lemonade and Assorted Finger Sandwiches.

Set up the party space. If you're hosting the baby shower in your home, start arranging the area in which the party will be held. Make and hang the Gold Tassel Garland, and create the Gold Mason Jars. Designate where the food and gifts will go, and make sure there's enough comfortable seating to accommodate the guests.

Day of the Shower:

Finish creating the Gold Bloom Cake and get it ready for presentation. Set out the Gold Brushed Balloons and Gold Mason Jars. Prepare the Assorted Finger Sandwiches and set them out.

Prepare party favors. Before the shower begins, fill the Glitter Favor Jars with bath salts. Find a place by the door to display the party favors so guests won't forget to take one on their way out.