How to Plan a Chinoiserie Baby Shower
How To:

Plan A Chinoiserie Baby Shower

A baby shower with a chinoiserie theme is the perfect party for an expecting mother who celebrates a fresh take on the traditional. Our party plan gives you everything you need to create a beautiful shower, from light and zesty tea cookies to a simple accent for embellishing gifts.


Choose a location and time. Typically, baby showers are held in the late morning or early afternoon — making them perfect for serving brunch. Include a broad range of menu options that are light and easy to eat, such as finger sandwiches, fruit salad and fresh hors d'oeuvres, plus a heartier option — such as our Thai Chicken Salad or Sesame Noodles with Chicken. Lastly, don't forget a sweet or two, like our Glazed Lemon Ginger Tea Cookies.

Send invitations. Send invitations. Remember: invitations will set the tone for the baby shower, so make sure they include touches of the party's theme that will pique guests' curiosity.

Plan and make decorations. Gather the supplies needed to make our Personalized Tea Bags, Pom-Pom Party Favors and Origami Crane Cupcake Toppers. Also, make the Cutlery Napkin Rings — they're easy to put together, and then you'll have one less thing on your to-do list.


Decide on party setup. This tea party lends itself well to both a formal setting and a more casual, buffet-style presentation. Choose the areas where the food will go, as well as a space where guests can drop off their gifts when they arrive. Find a separate seating area nearby that's comfortable and spacious for when it comes time to open the gifts.

Shop for and prepare the food and desserts. Get everything you need ahead of time to avoid any last-minute trips to the store. To save time, prepare any food you can in advance, and bake desserts the night before.

Prepare the crafts. Make the party favors, place settings and other decorations. Have each element keep in theme with the party, creating an entire experience for attendees and, of course, the guest of honor.

Day of the Shower:

Set it all up. Hang decoration, set the tables, and put out the food and drinks you've prepared. Consider hanging a few decorations on the front door or porch to welcome guests and set the mood.

Get the gift table ready. Set out your own gift to cue guests where to place theirs. Have a notebook and pen handy so the guest of honor can create a thank-you note list.