How to Plan a Bundle of Bots Baby Shower
How To:

Plan a Bundle of Bots
Baby Shower

by Hostess with the Mostess

With its fresh color palette and playful decor, a robot-inspired theme is a charming and unexpected choice for a baby shower. Soft details – like yarn balls, tissue tassels and felt – add a cozy sweetness and a fun contrast to the metal decor. A creative menu invites guests to "fuel up" in style as they celebrate the mom-to-be.


Decide on a location and time. This party can be hosted just about anywhere. Decide what time the party will start so that you can plan your menu accordingly. Prepare a guest list and send out invitations.

Plan the decorations. Our printable designs make it easy to give your party that professionally styled look. Download party flags, tent cards and other fun designs and use them as a guide for color and style when purchasing items for the party. Blue and orange balloons will perfectly complement the printable designs, so consider incorporating them

into your decor. Print out our patterned paper – it comes in four different looks – and use it to create your own unique decorations.

Plan your menu. Our Spare Parts Pasta Salad recipe isn't just delicious – it's cute, colorful and fits the party theme perfectly. Simple sandwiches become robot-themed when you add a whimsical sandwich flag. Have fun with snacks – our clever Microchip Snacks lets you dress up your favorite chips in themed favor bags. For a sweet and irresistible treat, prepare this "Nuts and Bolts" Mix.


Shop for food and desserts. Prepare what you can in advance to save time on the day of the party. If you're ordering anything from a bakery or caterer, now is the time to put in your order.

Decide on your party setup. If you are creating a dessert/food table display, determine the placement of the table and the cake plates and platters you will need for each food or dessert item. Be sure to create varying heights for the display table to add interest. Think about where your decorations will go.

Prepare your decorations. Print and assemble any of the paper elements you are using for the shower, including labels, drink tags and patterned paper (view all of the free downloadable templates for this party here). Assemble crafts that will serve as part of your display, like a Robot Diaper Cake, a Yarn Ball Robot Centerpiece or Antenna Drink Stirrers. Our Tissue Tassel Garland, Yarn Ball Robot Centerpiece and the Mom & Baby Bot decorations will take a little longer to assemble, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time. Decide on a small party favor for each guest – Robot Party Favors are a cute and easy-to-make option.

Day of the Party:

Prepare food and desserts. Finish preparing or baking any of the items you will be serving at the party. Set up the party table using white cake plates and platters – if possible, use square-shaped plates for a more futuristic look. Arrange food on the table, along with any printable labels that go with it.

Decorate for the party. Hang the Tissue Tassel Garland on the party table or on the backs of chairs. Set up centerpieces, figurines and other decorative elements. Place your printed "Recharge" and "I'm Hungry" labels on the table to make it even more fun and whimsical.