How To:

Personalize a Shared Nursery

Personalizing the nursery is a wonderful way to prepare for your babies' arrival. Look for ways to celebrate each child in the decor by using colors, patterns and their names to create a unique space for each child.

Pick coordinating patterns in different colorways to create distinct spaces within the room. Start by looking for crib bedding that's available in both pink and blue; from there, look for rugs and wall art that pick up both colors.

For a personal touch, use family keepsakes as decorative elements. Display cherished toys, books or photos from your childhood on a shelf out of reach. Hang framed snapshots nearby to create a memory wall. Add to it often with photos and keepsakes of your babies' special milestones.

To make a bold visual statement, place photo frames of different sizes close together, fitted like a puzzle. Hanging frames that are all the same color and size in a symmetrical grid creates the look of a professional gallery. Devote a row to each child and one to the babies shown together.

Names are a great way to start personalizing the nursery for each baby. For example, you could hang an oversized initial next to each crib, and frame each one in decorative painting that coordinates with the crib bedding. Monograms on blankets and accent pillows also make a sweet statement. For a more playful take, spell out their names with wooden blocks, oversized letters or alphabet cards arranged on a gallery shelf or picture rail.

Decorative painting offers another personalization option. Stencil your babies' names or initials on the walls, or design a mural that complements your nursery theme. A theme can be anything – even something as simple as dots and stripes. Different paint colors can be used to creatively define individual spaces for each child.