How to Personalize a Shared Bedroom
How To:

Personalize a Shared Bedroom

When two or more kids are sharing a bedroom, look for opportunities to let each child's personality shine through. Displaying their names is an easy way to define individual territory. Try stenciling initials over each headboard, or hanging big block letters or monogrammed sports pennants on the wall near their beds. Decorative wall murals can also include the kids' names as part of the theme. Monogrammed quilts, shams and throw pillows are a great way to customize each bed area.

Use Color & Accents

One easy way to make each child's "zone" and belongings easy to identify is to assign a color to each. Coordinating bedding collections in different colors are a great starting point; from there, choose rugs, window panels, storage pieces and more that pick up each child's color. As long as the themes and patterns work in harmony with each other, there's room for a lot of variation with the different decorating components.

Bring each child's interests into the decor with accents like sports pennants, wall art and collections. Hang a collector's shelf for each child to display keepsakes and books. Let them each choose a favorite poster, bedside lamp or oversized plush animal to make the space feel like their own.

Get Creative

Corkboards and ribbon boards are great ways for kids to express themselves with art and photos.

Even if siblings share a desk or play table, they can each have their own “dream” board to mark their half of the area.

Also give each child a dedicated area for showing off awards, trophies and other special treasures. Paint or post a personalized growth chart for each child. Make a personal statement with storage, too, by adding labels to assigned containers and shelves.