How To:

Personalize a Girl's Room

To a growing girl, the best thing about her bedroom is that it's a place that is uniquely hers. To nurture that sense of ownership, decorate her room with personal touches that tell the story of who she is.

Celebrate the things she likes most in the room's theme. It could be anything from flowers to sea creatures to just a single color. Bedding, rugs, wall art and window panels that incorporate the theme will start to give the room a distinct personality. Keep your eye out for unexpected finds that will add character, such as a decorative birdcage to hang from the ceiling or a nightstand designed to resemble a birdhouse.

Weave your child's hobbies and interests throughout the room. Celebrate her accomplishments by giving awards and trophies a prominent place. Create a special display area for her personal collections – maybe it's seashells and rocks in mason jars, or bead necklaces arranged on decorative wall hooks.

Encourage creativity by finding clever ways to display her artwork. Set up at least one area of display that's made to update regularly with her newest masterpieces, such as a wire cable with clips, a strip of corkboard or a ribbon pinboard. Create another display that's more permanent by framing some of her favorite paintings and drawings and hanging them in a group on the wall.

A great way to personalize a room is to display her name in creative ways.

A nameplate on the door, letters hung on the wall or initials stenciled above her headboard announce that this is her special place. Outfit her bed with a monogrammed quilt, sham or throw pillow.

Decorate the dresser with an engraved picture frame and jewelry box. Look for storage containers that you can personalize with her name, or with labels for her favorite belongings.