How To:

Personalize a Girl's Nursery

Personalizing your daughter's nursery is a wonderful way to celebrate her arrival. Look for ways to incorporate her name into the nursery decor. Use family keepsakes as decorative elements to create a nursery that is uniquely hers.

Your baby's name is a great starting point for adding personality to her nursery. Monogram her name on blankets and towels. Spell it out with blocks, oversized letters or alphabet cards arranged on a gallery shelf or picture rail. You can also stencil her name on the crib or on the wall.

Decorative painting adds interest to the room and is a great way to get creative with personalization. If you've chosen crib bedding with a floral motif, consider stenciling flowers on the wall, or use tape to paint stripes in coordinating colors.

A collection of framed family photos from several generations adds a sense of shared history to the room.

Centering photos in frames that are all the same color and size creates the look of a professional gallery; hang them in symmetrical rows for a classic look. To make a bolder visual statement, place framed photos of different sizes and colors close together, fitted like a puzzle.

After your baby is born, frame some of your first photos of her and hang them up or arrange them on a shelf. You'll probably also have plenty of snapshots of grandparents and other loved ones with her, so mix some of those in, too.

Look for frames that come with mats that have multiple openings in them to create an organized display that you can update as your baby grows.

Handprints and footprints are a classic way to commemorate just how small your baby was when she was born. You can purchase kits to make and frame her prints, or craft one of your own. Or create a sweet, lasting display of a few keepsakes – such as her hospital bracelet, her first tiny knit cap, and your birth announcement – in a shadowbox frame.