How To:

Personalize a Gender-Neutral Nursery

Adding personal touches to the nursery is a great way to prepare for a baby. And for parents who are waiting to find out the baby's gender, there are plenty of ways you can add warmth and personality without defining the space as a boys or girls room.

Start with a neutral theme (animals, letters and numbers work equally well for a boy or a girl) and look for ways to incorporate it into the nursery decor. Family keepsakes are a great place to look for classic themes as well as personal decorative elements. Display old family photos, cherished toys and books to add character and history to the room.

Incorporate the first letter of your last name as an element of the decor; consider stenciling it on the wall or framing it to hang over the crib. Or you could create your own custom art display with any assortment of letters and numbers in matching frames and mats. Hang them in a symmetrical grid and use decorative painting to offset it.

Choose accessories and bedding in gender-neutral colors. Tonal greens, yellows, whites and wood tones are always a great choice, and white walls and white furniture offer a blank canvas for accent colors, such as bright yellow, rich red or periwinkle blue. Mix in fun patterns for visual interest.

Once you bring your baby home, add items with his or her name, like a monogrammed quilt and large white wooden letters over the changing table. For a more whimsical take, spell out the name with wooden blocks on a shelf or alphabet cards propped on a photo rail.