How To:

Personalize a Boy's Bedroom

A boy's bedroom should be a reflection of his unique spirit. Celebrate your son's individuality by showcasing his interests, whether football or superheroes, karate or model airplanes. Applaud his achievements by putting his hard-earned awards, artwork and trophies on prominent display.

Gather your child's prized collections together and display them in small vignettes around the room. Keep in mind that collections have a tendency to grow and grow, so plan extra space.

Make your son feel special by using his name in the room's decor. Incorporate it into a painted wall mural, hang a name plate on the door, stencil his initials on the wall or spell out his name in big block letters along a shelf. Add monogrammed sheets and blankets to his bed or have an armchair or beanbag embroidered with his name. Think of clever ways to display his artwork that make it easy to swap out his masterpieces.

An easy way to personalize your son's room is to display family photos, either from his activities or from things you've done together. Paint or post a growth chart that ties in with the room's theme or colors. Craft one out of a collection of sports pennants, or paint a tree with branches for child who loves to camp or a rocket for an aspiring astronaut.

Plan ahead. While he may love all things sports now, he might become fascinated with whales and dolphins next month. If you like the idea of updating parts of his room's decor to keep up with his newest interests, choose a versatile rug, window panels and quilt that will look great with lots of different sheeting collections and bright new toy collections.