Acorn Ornaments

Nothing symbolizes a fall feast more than acorns, and these easy-to-make ornaments are perfect for dressing up Thanksgiving favors, decorating the table or adding a touch of autumn just about anywhere in your home.

Tools and Materials

  • Fine brown raffia (strands will be twine-like)
  • Wide off-white raffia (strands will be ribbon-like)
  • A hot glue gun and glue
  • Twine
  • Cotton balls

Assembling the Acorns

1. Wrap the off-white raffia around a ball of cotton to create the round section of the nut. Secure raffia on one side of the ball using hot glue dots.

2. To create the cap, measure brown raffia needed to cover the bottom of the acorn ball, leaving an extra 2-3 inches for tying the ornament to favors or other decorations.

3. Twirl brown raffia around the bottom of the acorn ball (making sure to cover the area where off-white raffia is secured). Apply hot glue to seal it as you go.