how to design

A Smart Study Space

When designing the perfect study space for kids, keep in mind that learning
comes easier when kids are comfortable, inspired and having fun.

How to Design a Smart Study Space


Look in any classroom and you'll find a common theme: plenty of color. Whether it's a soft rug in a fun pattern or a wall mural that helps them learn, look for creative ways to add bright colors to keep kids energized and engaged.


Choose a desk with plenty of storage to keep the work surface clear for homework. For younger kids who prefer to work on the floor, create an open reading area with a colorful rug and an Anywhere Chair or a beanbag. Add bookshelves so kids can reach their favorite books and put them away with ease.


Accessories help balance out the more functional pieces in the room. Try using a large-scale map as wallpaper, or hang a line of artwork at kids' eye level. The best accessories can inspire studying without distracting from it.