how to design

A Shared Nursery

When expecting multiples, organization and creativity are key in the nursery. Create a
functional setup that's comfortable for you, and safe and stimulating for your babies.

How to Design a Shared Nursery


Storage space is at a premium in any nursery – especially a shared one. Store items they can share (like books and toys) in one place, then create separate storage for individual items – such as clothing, if you have a boy and a girl. Keep all essential diaper-changing items in open storage within easy reach of the changing table.


Try playful wall decals, a colorful rug and coordinating drapes, or imaginative wall art to help energize the nursery. If your babies are the same gender, you can make the crib bedding identical – or choose two bedding sets with matching palettes but slightly different prints. If you have mixed genders, look for crib bedding that shares a print, but features gender-specific colors.


The nursery is where your babies will sleep, but its also where you'll feed, change and bond with them – so make sure it's a place you feel comfortable, too. A plushly padded rocker with a smooth gliding motion is the perfect place for feeding and lulling your baby to sleep, while a supersoft rug makes getting down on the ground to play a little more comfortable.


Try to keep your nursery as efficient as possible. Consider details that will make things easier, like a low-wattage lamp that's easily accessible to prevent a bright overhead light from waking your babies.