how to design

A Shared Bedroom

With a little inspiration from your kids, you can create a shared bedroom that feels cohesive, but still
celebrates each child. Look to each of their interests to find a larger, common theme – or, stick with
a neutral backdrop and let the accessories stand out.

How to Design a Shared Bedroom


When designing a shared room, color is one place you can start. Coordinate quilts in two different colors to help tie the beds together, then let each child pick printed sheeting that's specific to their individual taste.


As your children grow, so will their interests and hobbies. Choose simple or classically styled furniture that can easily adapt to changing needs and styles. Smaller things like pillows, bedding and window coverings are easy to switch out as your children grow.


Though there will inevitably be a space in the room that both kids share, try to design individual areas that each child can enjoy on their own. Even if it's just the bed, they'll be happy to have their own special spots.


Bright colors, unique prints and plenty of pattern are always welcome in a shared room. If it starts to feel overwhelming, try a neutral background, such as white walls and furniture.