How to Design a Playroom That Grows

The heart of the playroom is the play table, where kids do everything from arts and crafts to playing games and piecing together puzzles. This is the main place where they'll turn inspirations into creations, so it's important that they feel comfortable at the table. Our Grow With You Carolina Tables come in two height options so you can comfortably seat toddlers and preschoolers and then later, offer a space for older kids to play games, enjoy crafts and even do homework. Choose from three classic designs: a craft table with built-in drawers and an optional paper roll, an activity table with raised edge banding or our simply styled large table. Each can be used as a playroom centerpiece for years.

Because the nature of learning and playing involves a fair amount of objects – from toys and puzzles to craft supplies and books – it's important to think ahead about the

kind of storage your room will need. While younger kids do best with bins and baskets that are close to the ground, older kids often need taller shelves and cubbies for books and media storage. Choose a versatile storage system that can evolve as your kids' needs change with components you can add and configure in a variety of ways. Accessories like baskets and personalized liners let you tailor the system to your child's current needs and interests, and can be easily switched out once those interests change.

Soft seating is another playroom essential because it gives kids a more relaxed place to read and play games. Our Anywhere Chairs come in an array of sizes so children can stay comfortable, whether they're toddlers, little kids or older kids. And with a variety of personalized covers, they offer a colorful design element that's easily updated.

How To:

Design a Playroom
That Grows

Create a playroom that inspires your kids through the ages – from preschool through grade school – with furniture and accessories that evolve with their changing interests, activities and needs. From spacious play tables that can be elevated with taller legs when your kids get older to wall systems that can be reconfigured as storage needs change, a few well designed pieces let you set the foundation for a room they'll love for years to come.