how to design

A Play Space

The perfect playroom is a bright, energetic place, with lots of color and light. It should also
reflect your child's interests and personalities, so it can grow with them over time.

How to Design a Play Space


Whether your play area is part of a larger space (such as a family room or bedroom) or is a room on its own, design it based on a theme. Look to your child's interests and favorite activities, like sports, fairy tales or adventure stories. These hobbies can work as inspiration for the space.


A mural, wall letters or a gallery of art are just a few ways to add playful dimension to your child's play space. Look for accessories in bright and cheery shades, and consider an unexpected paint color to accent one of the walls.


Playrooms are busy places, so organization and storage are key. A mix of open and closed storage helps sort out games, toys, books, and arts and crafts supplies – just be sure to design it at your child's level, so they can take out and put away the activities they want.


Though you'll want play tables and chairs that are durable and resilient, also choose furniture that's designed for comfort. An Anywhere Chair and a beanbag are great for curling up with a book, while a soft, plush rug lets kids spread out on the floor to play.