how to design

A Boy's Room

When designing a boy's room, look to what he loves –
and make sure the space lends itself as easily to fun as it does to rest.

How to Design A Boy's Room


Whether it's sports, the great outdoors or super heroes, themes for a boy's room are adventurous and fun. Start with a wall mural to set the tone, or try a fun rug as a backdrop to layer on other design elements.


When choosing a color palette for the room, remember that strong colors are ok – just use them as accents throughout the space so they don't overwhelm. Bold patterns can also add dimension and personality. They lend themselves well to background elements like window coverings or sheets.


Boys love to collect trinkets and treasures, so find a special place to display their favorite finds. Whether set on a shelf, placed on a dresser or hung on the wall, celebrating his items will make the room feel personal.


Sports gear, books, activities and games can take up a lot of space. Look for efficient storage pieces that can grow with him as he gets older.